• Dr. John Roberts Psychic

  • Where is our relationship headed?

  • Is she the one?

  • Will my Book be published?

  • Will I get the job?

  • Does He still love me?

  • Will My Comedy act be successful?

  • Client Feedback

    "I have known John Roberts for 25 years.
    He is a man of integrity, and I have used his services, often."
    K.Hotchner, D.O.

    "John Roberts is Gifted."
    John Denver/ Singer

    "A beacon of Light in a troubled world."
    J. Carnett 
    Doctor of Podiatry

    "Dr. Roberts helped me, and I  highly recommend him."
    L.Black, M.D.

  • More Client Feedback

    "Thank you for your Vedic Astrology article on the US Presidential Election. Your prediction was accurate."
    Raheshwari Shanker Editor
    Times of Astrology Magazine
    Delhi, India

    "That was an Awesome Reading."

    Janice Lawrence

    "OMG, how did you know that?"
    Rita Ann Feeman

    "I am so grateful! My son must have angels watching over him that led us to you."
    P. Sharma

  • My Story

    I am a Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine (FL.)

    I have been licensed to practice for over 30 years. For the last 20 years, I have been a professional psychic, trained in India in Vedic Astrology.


    During my many years in the medical trenches, I learned a lot about life and human nature. I bring this unique and valuable perspective to my psychic readings.


    We all get a little lost or uncertain from time to time. Often it is valuable to have an outside perspective from a voice of experience that you can trust. I am grateful to be able to provide answers to some of life's important questions.

  • Psychic Readings:
    30 minutes by phone: $60.00
    One question by email: $30.00